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Coaching at AFC Brooklands


At AFC Brooklands the development and the enjoyment of our players is paramount and is integral to our approach to coaching.

We promote the concept of inspiring and providing challenges to our players. We will help them strive to improve by following a structured programme designed for the long term development of each player using all ‘four corners’ of the player development.

The players will be coached and asked to play in a variety of positions so they will be get experience of all positions as they develop and we aim to give all players equal playing time over a defined ‘block’.

They will be encouraged to experience a variety of playing experiences often in mixed ability groups. A grouping process may be adopted in some instances to meet the players ‘four corners’ needs

The emphasis on developing the players for the long term will prevail, avoiding the ‘win at all costs mentality’ even as players start to compete in leagues as they progress and get older.

Ultimately we want to help young people to develop life as well as football skills.


After a large amount of work with our FA Mentor, in the 2016/17 season we introduced our Player Development Programme which includes a 30 week syllabus covering all topics relating to Player Development in all aspects of the game. The syllabus is age specific and is designed to grow and meet the needs of the players as they progress through the club.

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AFC Brooklands endorses PRO-DIRECT SOCCER ACADEMY who can deliver coaching to complement the coaching at AFC Brooklands. Through their technical programme they deliver the “Key stages of Player Development” as set out in the Pro-Direct Soccer Academy curriculum through it’s programme of practices, designed to meet the needs of all players.

Drills Library

Visit our drills library covering subjects listed below…

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